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If you have been searching to meet NYC escorts, then you have stumbled across the right website.

Hello gentlemen in the Big Apple, my name is Stephanie Hunter.  Chances are you have come across me in the past through your searches online,and if not, then welcome. I am thrilled you have found my website. Although I am not permently in New York City, I travel here quiet often, and would love to meet next time i am in New York. Of course, you dont need to wait for my next trip. I know some of you are very impatient, and fly me overat your preferred date. Because you can. And because you only live once, might as well make it a good time. Preferrably memorable of  course.

Read through my website, and if meeting me peaks your interest, get in touch and let’s plan a date in NY… or elsewhere!

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Born in Europe ( Italy), raised in Australia, I love to travel as often as possible. My home base is Australia, and always will be home. However I love to travel to different places around the globe. I first experienced the wonder of  NYC in the year 2000 and have had a massive love affair with NYC ever since. Not sure I could ever reside in Manhattan because I have to admit to an expensive taste. If it’s not a brownstone I don’t want to live in NYC. But, I am guessing a brownstone is a little out of my budget. So I choose to visit as often as I can. Sometimes a couple of times a year, sometimes 5 or 6 times a year. It just depends on my diary and what exciting things are happening in Manhattan…. and who is pining for our date in NYC..

I love the ballet, theatre, The Art, and am an Art Collector myself.  A bit of a foodie, I love good food, but the atmosphere has to go along with the good food… not to mention the company. so always aiming for a trifactor when dinner dates are concerned. Naturally, it goes without saying overnight dates are the ultimate in luxury companionship… breakfast for two !!! Who doesnt like that! 

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Everytime I am back in NY, there is a new hip happening eatery to try out and experience. Luckily, my gentlemen friends seem to know all the best eateries in Manhattan and I am spoilt for choice most of the time. Of course I have my all time favourites like  Le Coucou, Per Se, however there is endless number of amazing restaurants in Manhattan. Perfect for a dinner date or even a lunch date. I love dinner dates in NYC. Who doesn’t really. It is a great city to spend time in, and I have always had amazing experiences in NYC. My gentlemen friends in general are professional Business Travellers and professional native New Yorkers. They like elegant, discreet luxury companions ( obviously, that’s why we meet!)  that are fun to go out for dinner and do not attract negative attention. Again, that’s me. I hate complicated arrangements. There is a lot to be said for simplicity. Easy no fuss arrangements work best for me and for you. And hence why some of my arrangements in NYC have lasted  at most a decade. Because life doesn’t need to be complicated. Friendships / arrangements do not need to be complicated. 

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My availability to meet is not exclusive in New York City. Happy to meet in other locations in the US even if the city of choice is not on my travel schedule. It doesnt mean I wouldnt be open to meet you elsewhere, say Santa Barbara for example. As I said earlier, I love to travel, and love nothing more than to visit cities I haven’t been to as yet. I have been to quiet a few cities in the US, but of course not all of them. And I would love to get reaquainted with cities I have been to before. So don’t be shy, get in touch with me and let’s organise a date somewhere in the USA. I am yet to visit The Hamptons… so, if you have a beach house in the Hamptons, I can pack my bikini’s! 🙂  Las Vegas I have been to many times before and never get’s old for me. I love Vegas. Los Angeles is also a great destination. Beverly Hills Hotel I would love to revisit once more. it has been a while. and Boston. Oh I do love to visit Boston. It is very much a European city vibe and would love to visit Boston at any time. So, get in touch with me, and show me your part of the world.

Make arrangements to meet

So it is very easy to make arrangements to meet me in any American city. There are two options. If you have the luxury of time and can wait for my arrival, we can meet when I plan to be in the USA. Alternatively, if you can’t wait for my organised travels, and rather meet sooner rather then later, FMTY type of arrangement can apply. It basically means, you fly me over to you sooner rather then later. I understand FMTY dates are not for everyone. But hope the gentlemen who enjoy the flexibility of a FMTY date consider flying me in. Of course, If you can wait for my arrival that is also great. Please keep in mind, you must pre arrange our date long in advance before I arrive. The financials need to be taken care of prior to us meeting. It just makes life a lot easier for me that way.  No envelopes discreetly left for me upon arrival  thank you. I dont travel with my phone or computer, as my schedule is pre arranged always. So pointless waiting till arrive. You wont be able to get in touch with me and I would hate to dissapoint.

So call or email me directly and introduce yourself! I would love to hear from you!

ps.. I am not active on social media anymore. I got tired of twitter suspending my accounts…

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If you are interested in virtual services only, please get in touch with me. Virtual services include, private video calls, sexting and erotic phone calls.

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